The year 2014 has been described as the ‘Year of Protest’ in Ireland. The mainstream press forced to admit that the people had 'become a political factor'. In 2015 we need to stay on the streets. Our movement scared the Government enough to lower the water charge - but we have to keep pushing until we win.

05/01/2015 - 17:25


James O'Toole

The news coming in from Greece indicates a victory for the radical left party, Syriza, in the elections with a vote of 36 to 38%. This historic and dramatic victory comes on the back of many years of suffering and of intense class struggle by Greek workers- workers have had over 20 General Strikes and hundreds of protests.

Shaun Harkin

Northern Ireland (NI) Water workers are taking action to defend their pensions, pay and unions.

Mainstream media outlets have produced sensationalist coverage of the many families who have been hard hit by serious service disruptions leading to demonization of NI Water workers, even accusations they are intentionally disrupting supplies.

Memet Uludag

The horrific killing of 12 people in Paris, journalists and workers of the French magazine Charlie Hebdo and two policemen have created an outrage across the world and there have been wide-ranging condemnations.

Goretti Horgan

Agreed by all the parties in the Stormont Executive the day before Christmas Eve, there has been little detailed analysis of the Stormont House Agreement. This is mainly due to the timing – even the most dedicated politico had their Santa hat on – and partly because we have only seen the “Heads of Agreement” and the financial annexe to those headlines.

In The Unions

Michael Wallace

The number of patients on trolleys awaiting a bed in hospital has hit a record high of 601 across the country in a single day, an increase of 38 from yesterday alone.

Nurse and midwives protested today at Naas General Hospital where overcrowding has reached crisis point.

The INMO trolley watch figures for the hospital for October 2014 claim there has been a 71% increase in the number of patients waiting on a trolley in the emergency department for a hospital bed, in comparison to October 2013.

Thousands of workers across France protested today, Thursday, against Labour-type Socialist president Francois Hollande’s pact of austerity. The day of protests and strikes was called by the CGT union federation at the centre of the current wave of strikes in France.


Tiarnán Ó Muilleoir
Kiran Emrich

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