State officials, the police and the O’Brien media are operating according to a classic counter-insurgency plan. They offer a few temporary concessions – and then target the most militant activists to separate them from the mass of people.

This is what lies behind the extraordinary events of this week.

21/02/2015 - 13:02


THE Stormont House Agreement -agreed by both Sinn Fein and the DUP- is the biggest attack on public services we have ever witnessed in the North. We look at some of the cuts.

Shaun Harkin

The Sinn Féin/Democratic Union Party led Stormont Executive has agreed on a 2015 budget that includes imposing 20,000 public sector job cuts throughout the North.

Madeleine Johansson

As politicians reject Clare Daly's bill on fatal foetal abnormalities the mainstream parties have once again proved that they are lagging behind the majority of the population.

Michael Wallace

In a recent trip to Dublin, IMF chief Christine Legarde described the people of Ireland as “true heroes” for being forced so far to endure six and a half years of grinding austerity to pay the debts of the banks, bondholders and European capitalism.

In The Unions

Michael Wallace

The number of patients on trolleys awaiting a bed in hospital has hit a record high of 601 across the country in a single day, an increase of 38 from yesterday alone.

Nurse and midwives protested today at Naas General Hospital where overcrowding has reached crisis point.

The INMO trolley watch figures for the hospital for October 2014 claim there has been a 71% increase in the number of patients waiting on a trolley in the emergency department for a hospital bed, in comparison to October 2013.

Thousands of workers across France protested today, Thursday, against Labour-type Socialist president Francois Hollande’s pact of austerity. The day of protests and strikes was called by the CGT union federation at the centre of the current wave of strikes in France.

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