G8 gang coming to Fermanagh


The PSNI has promised “numerous arrests” when the G8 leaders descend on Fermanagh next month.

The Belfast Telegraph reports that an additional 2,500 police are being drafted in from Britain. Three hundred new cells are being readied at Maghaberry and Magilligan prisons, the Hydebank Young Offenders Centre and the women’s prison in Belfast to handle the numbers the police expect to arrest.

For the first time ever in the North, courts will sit late at night and on Sunday. So much for the DUP’s commitment to “keeping the Sabbath holy”.

A huge swathe of Fermanagh will be quarantined within a “ring of steel” erected to protect Obama, Putin, Merkel, Cameron and the rest of the architects of global austerity.

The PSNI has acquired two drones to patrol the skies and send pictures to police HQ of anything that moves for miles around. This “will enable security officers to reach trouble-makers rapidly”, according to the PSNI.

The unprecedented show of strength and surveillance is intended to frighten protesters off in advance. It represents a serious assault on civil liberties which neither the PSNI nor Stormont would get away with in any other context. The precedent will be used to criminalise challenges to authority in the future.

The Stormont parties have all gone along with the plan. The Assembly rushed though the law to allow courts to sit on Sundays.

Not a single member objected to the PSNI adding drones to its arsenal when the proposal came before the Policing Board in February. Sinn Fein and SDLP representatives shamefully went along with it.

The police and politicians say that they are mainly motivated by fear of “dissidents” joining the planned protests. They also insist that the summit provides an opportunity to advertise the area to tourists. So to protest is to “damage the economy”.

In fact, the G8 protests are being organised by trades unionists, socialists, environmentalists and international development organisations like Trocaire and Oxfam – all known for non-violence. But PSNI spin-doctors are briefing journalists from around the world that “anti-capitalist militants could align themselves with dissident republicans to disrupt this summer’s G8 conference”.

It is disgraceful that parties which claim to be of the Left and describe themselves as anti-imperialists are condoning all this.

The SWP is organising a “counter-summit” in Belfast on Sunday 16 June and buses to the march in Enniskillen on Monday 17 June for more details phone 0876574100

May 7, 2013 - 08:14