Hundreds gather to build resistance to property tax


Hundreds of people from all over the country met in the Red Cow Hotel in Dublin last weekend to plan resistance to the government's property tax. This tax will see working class people burdened with another bill of hundreds of euro. Even those in social housing will be forced to pay up through increased rents from local councils.

The meeting was packed from the start with too few seats for the crowd. Right from the beginning the call was for action. Paul Murphy MEP have an in depth overview of the legal situation before the second half of the meeting, chaired by Niamh Mc Donald of the SWP, opened up for suggestions of tactics.

The calls from various speakers for mass direct action and a day of civil disobedience received and overwhelming applause.

The next step is to take those suggestions back for discussion in local groups.

The SWP is pushing for a whole calender of mass resistance including:

Local meetings in February

Joining the ICTU march on February the 9th as the largest contingent and raising not only the property tax but also the call for a national shut down

Call a mass assembly of all campaigns at the end of Feb to organise for a day of mass actions

A national protest on March the 23rd which is a Europe wide day of action and coincides with the EU presidency in Ireland

From march to april a series of local actions and protests

On April 27th which is a Saturday we call a national protest which then announces and builds for the day of action on May 1st when we want every area in the country to take mass direct action and shut down roads, ports, bridges and encourage rank and file trade unionists to walk out.

If you agree join us in the fight!

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January 16, 2013 - 09:17