A Government that has lost the consent of the people, and can only resort to lies, propaganda and force, had no right to remain in power and must step down.

In the last few weeks the historic numbers of people who attended Right2Water and other mass protests against the water charges have been subjected to a torrent of slander and abuse.

23/11/2014 - 15:49


The Socialist Workers Party is deeply concerned with the current treatment of Gary Donnelly. Donnelly was sentenced to six months imprisonment for writing a political slogan on Derry Walls. Whatever anybody thinks about graffiti on the Walls or the particular slogan inscribed by Gary Donnelly, six months imprisonment is outrageous.

James O'Toole

Over the last few weeks the media have described the huge numbers of people attending water charges protests as being 'manipulated' by the 'sinister fringe'- this campaign of disinformation and slander began before Joan Burton's little wait in her car in Tallaght.

Brian O'Boyle

A series of letters between Jean Claude Trichet and Brian Lenihan in late 2011 have finally been published.

November 1 was a truly remarkable demonstration of People Power as 200,000 people came to show their anger and determination to defeat the water charge. However, this government still thinks it can stop this unstoppable wave of mass resistance with arrogant remarks, threats and delusional wishful thinking.

In The Unions

Nurse and midwives protested today at Naas General Hospital where overcrowding has reached crisis point.

The INMO trolley watch figures for the hospital for October 2014 claim there has been a 71% increase in the number of patients waiting on a trolley in the emergency department for a hospital bed, in comparison to October 2013.

Thousands of workers across France protested today, Thursday, against Labour-type Socialist president Francois Hollande’s pact of austerity. The day of protests and strikes was called by the CGT union federation at the centre of the current wave of strikes in France.

Michael Wallace

When low-paid Greyhound Recycling bin workers showed up for another grueling ten hour shift at 7am last week, they suddenly found themselves facing a shocking ultimatum from their greedy bosses.

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