On Weds June 25th 300 residents of Clondalkin marched through the area against the imposition of water charges. This protest was the latest manifestation of a growing resistance in the area to Irish Water, who are metering in Clondalkin.

27/06/2014 - 11:39


Richard Boyd Barrett TD

In a statement Richard Boyd Barrett TD for the People Before Profit Alliance has said that the failure of the EU and US to impose sanctions on Israel in response to its “murderous” assault on Gaza, “exposes the utter moral bankruptcy of the western powers.”

Its eight days since Israel unleashed its murderous bombardment on the trapped people of the occupied Gaza Strip. The bombing is relentless, the destruction horrendous and the criminal slaughter of civilians ongoing.

The death toll in Gaza is rising once again with 23 dead today - 5 of them children -murdered by Israeli bombing. Israel has bombed over 160 sites overnight and is calling up 40,000 reservists.

Gaza's hospitals are struggling to deal with the injured from this attack. All 12 beds in the hospital's intensive care unit were occupied on Tuesday.

Last week 600 people turned up to a lecture by Thomas Piketty in the Croke Park conference. The great and good of Irish society were all there, including the governor of the Irish Central Bank Patrick Holohan. But the message that Piketty delivers is not something that austerity hacks like to hear.

In The Unions

Thousands of workers across France protested today, Thursday, against Labour-type Socialist president Francois Hollande’s pact of austerity. The day of protests and strikes was called by the CGT union federation at the centre of the current wave of strikes in France.

Michael Wallace

When low-paid Greyhound Recycling bin workers showed up for another grueling ten hour shift at 7am last week, they suddenly found themselves facing a shocking ultimatum from their greedy bosses.

Staff will mount a protest outside at the first meeting of the newly-elected South Dublin County Council today (Friday).

Yesterday the workers entered a second week of industrial action after management unilaterally cut the pay of 13 of its staff and revealed plans to do the same to another 150 workers.


Tiarnán Ó Muilleoir
Kiran Emrich

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