The Government hoped that their concessions and false promises would take the momentum out of the greatest people's movement seen in a generation- but far from breaking the unity of the protesting masses - people came out in their tens of thousands to protest on Dec 10th.

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Abortion is illegal in Ireland in almost all circumstances and a woman who has an illegal abortion in Ireland faces a prison sentence of up to 14 years. Yet, despite this legal reality, hundreds of thousands of women living in Ireland, North and South, have had abortions and continue to do so every day.

The CSO's Quarterly National Household survey claims that the State’s unemployment rate has dropped to 11.1% this year, its lowest level since 2009. Employment growth – supposedly a key measure of economic health - rose by 1.5 per cent, creating 28,000 jobs over the last 12 months.

The government is using this to claim that their austerity driven policies actually work.

In the past, the Independent Newspapers have sought to vilify teachers for taking strike action. But such action is necessary to safeguard the quality of education and to defend the pay and conditions of teachers.

Michael Wallace

The Central Statistics Office has revealed that average annual wages fell by €700 euro in the last three months alone while also showing people are now working longer. The fall in weekly wages was larger in the public than private sector, a damning indictment of the sell-outs and defeatism spread by some in the trade union leadership.

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Nurse and midwives protested today at Naas General Hospital where overcrowding has reached crisis point.

The INMO trolley watch figures for the hospital for October 2014 claim there has been a 71% increase in the number of patients waiting on a trolley in the emergency department for a hospital bed, in comparison to October 2013.

Thousands of workers across France protested today, Thursday, against Labour-type Socialist president Francois Hollande’s pact of austerity. The day of protests and strikes was called by the CGT union federation at the centre of the current wave of strikes in France.

Michael Wallace

When low-paid Greyhound Recycling bin workers showed up for another grueling ten hour shift at 7am last week, they suddenly found themselves facing a shocking ultimatum from their greedy bosses.


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