Two hundred people gathered in Dublin last week to discuss and debate building opposition to the Government's new Water Charges. The Conference was organised by Cllr Brid Smith and supported by the Unite Trade Union.

Everyone unanimously endorsed a strategy to confront this unjust charge.

10/04/2014 - 17:55


Michael Wallace

The latest figures from the Central Statistics Office have shown more than 750,000 people are living in poverty in Ireland, a grim and terrifying statistic when you understand that it also includes 220,000 children and 68,000 pensioners.

Michael Wallace

Michael Noonan has denied the existence of a property bubble that has seen prices in Dublin rise 17% in the last year and forced thousands out of their homes. And he wants prices to rise still faster! Noonan claims to have faith in ‘vulture capitalists’ as our saviours in resolving the chronic housing shortage.

The 'respectable' elements of Irish society are all in a tizzy. For decades, they have secretly admired the pomp and spectacle of the British monarchy and the aristocracy that once colonised Ireland.

Joe Moore

Today, April 10th, marks the 14th anniversary of the direct provision system. This is the system the state uses to accommodate asylum seekers in Ireland. People in this system are denied the right to work and access to 3rd level education. Adults are given only €19.10 per week to live on, with children receiving €9.50. These rates have not increased since first introduced in 2000.

In The Unions

27,000 teachers protested outside their secondary schools across the country yesterday in a show of strength against Minister Quinn's changes to the junior cycle.

The protest of 27,000 teachers was organised by ASTI and the TUI. Both unions are balloting members for strike action and results will be announced on march 26th.

Dozens South Dublin County Council workers had a protest today at 5pm outside the SDCC building in Tallaght. This coincided with the council meeting.

On Feb 26th the TEEU will begin a series of targetted strikes against non-compliant contractors.


James O'Toole
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